The Education Without Borders

On May 4th, the Ille et Vilaine Right to Housing Association requisitioned a retired nursing home in Pacé, on the outskirts of Rennes, to house 250 migrants, including 70 children.

For the last three years, the LAD 35, with the support of the RESF 35, has increased the number of requisitions in 9 sites which now house 400 people, asylum-seekers and undocumented migrants, including pregnant women, children, newborns, Whole families, women and isolated men. Legitimate requisitions organized to overcome the public deficiencies in accommodation, a right recognized by the Council of State, on 10 February 2012.

But the insufficient emergency housing facility, is saturated throughout the year even in the coldest period summarized at

The majority of these asylum-seekers, men, women and children, driven from their countries by dictatorships, war, persecution, banned from work during the examination of their asylum application, Accommodation in the Asylum Seekers' Center to which the Geneva Convention and the European Directives entitle them.

The Education Without Borders Network, which has for so many years defended children and their undocumented families, can not accept that the irresponsibility of the public authorities thus endangers their lives.

On 8 June 2012, Michel Guérin, the president of the association "Droit au Logement", was summoned to the Tribunal d'Instance to answer the last requisition in Pacé.

The Education Without Borders Network has given its full support to the LAD 35 so that the Rennes Court of First Instance will grant the migrants the right to remain there as long as no durable and durable rehousing solution is proposed and Prosecution of DAL 35 and Michel Guérin be abandoned.